School Activities and Charging Policies

School activities are an important part of the learning programme for all children. As required by the Education Reform Act 1988, the school has policies regarding charging for school activities and the remission of charges.

In brief, there are no charges for cookery, art or craft materials, though there may very occasionally be requests for parents to buy sheet music where individual children opt to play a musical instrument.

We believe Educational Visits and Visiting Groups (e.g. Theatre Groups) are a vitally important element of the life of the school. We ask parents to make a contribution towards their cost. However, the Act states:

  1. "there is no obligation to contribute", and

  2. "registered pupils at a school will not be treated differently according to whether or not their parents have made any contribution in response to the request".

We could not continue to provide such activities without the current assistance from parents. Therefore, it may be necessary to ascertain the level of parental support before finalising the arrangements.

Procedure for Complaints

As required under the Education Reform Act 1988, the Authority has a procedure whereby complaints about the curriculum and collective worship may be dealt with. Should parents find it necessary to consider making a complaint they should bring the matter to the attention of the Head Teacher. If parents find that they must embark upon the complaints procedure then the Head Teacher, on request, will provide them with the relevant details.

Availability of Public Documents

As required by the Educational Reform Act 1988 certain documents which relate to the school must be made available at the school to parents who express a wish to see them. The list of these documents which must be made available currently includes:

  1. The School's Curriculum Policy Statements

  2. All Schemes of Work in use

  3. The County's Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

  4. The Authority's Complaints Procedure

Parents wishing to see any of these documents should contact the Head Teacher.