Governing Board

The Governing Board is composed of representatives of the local community, the Local Education Authority, the local Church and elected parent governors. There are currently 14 members.

The Government has given a range of duties to school governing boards, and powers to carry these out. These powers include:

  • Deciding (with the Head) the aims and policies of the school, and how the standards of education can be improved.

  • Deciding the conduct of the school - in general, how it should be run.

  • Helping to draw up the school development plan.

  • Deciding (within set constraints) how to spend the school's budget.

  • Ensuring the National Curriculum is taught and reporting on assessments and examination results.

  • Selecting the Head Teacher and Deputy Head.

  • Appointing, promoting and supporting other staff, in consultation with the Head.

  • Acting as a link between the local community and the school.

  • Drawing up an action plan after an inspection, and monitoring how the plan is put into practice.

The Governors



Johnathan White

John Street

Robert Thornley

Staff Governors

Sam Bishop (Head Teacher)

Joan Welch (KS1 Lead & Teacher)

Debbie Flanagan (School Manager)

Foundation/Church Governors

Rev'd Bill Britt

Anna Matthews (Co-Chair)

Sue Steptoe

Parent Governors

Emma Garside

Louise Cavanagh

Caroline Chessum

Others - Appointed Governors

Anne Clarey

Robert Thornley (Co-Chair)