If your child was born between 01/09/17 and 31/08/18 they are due to start school in September 2022.
You need to make an application to Central Bedfordshire Council by 15th January 2022.
All the information you will need regarding your Starting School 2022 application is available at
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the office, or call Central Bedfordshire directly
on 0300 300 8037.

We are hoping to hold our New Parent's Open Evening this October, date to follow.

Please do also have a look at our Virtual Tour Page.

We are required by the Local Authority to adopt a policy which outlines admission arrangements for both Pre-Statutory and Statutory school age children.

The Local Authority has the duty to ensure that our policy is clear, promotes equality of opportunity and recognises the importance of high quality provision for the children in our care. We endorse these aims wholeheartedly.

Our admission limit is 60 places.

ADMISSIONS POLICY Autumn 2022-2023.pdf

Should the number of applications for admission exceed 60 the Governing Board will apply the following criteria (in the rank shown) to decide the order in which places will be allocated.

  1. All ‘looked after’ children or children who were previously ‘looked after’ (see full policy for definitions);

  2. Pupils living in the catchment area with siblings at the school (see full policy for definition of sibling);

  3. Other pupils living in the catchment area;

  4. ‘Very exceptional’ medical grounds (see full policy for definition);

  5. Other siblings (see full policy for definition);

  6. Children, one or more of whose parents / carers have, at the time of application, shown commitment to the Church of England or another Christian Church by attending a service at least once a month for the year prior to an application being made *

  7. Any other children

* A Christian Church is defined as one which is a member, or is eligible for membership, of Churches Together in England or the Evangelical Alliance. Applicants in this category will need to ask their priest or minister to complete the relevant section of the local authority standard application form.

All applications for admission must be made to the Local Authority, which processes all Reception and in-year applications on behalf of the Academy -
If the Governing Board are unable to offer a place, parents have the right of appeal.

The Head Teacher is always happy to show parents around the School and answer any questions.

An evening meeting is held early in the Autumn Term prior to admission. At this meeting there is an opportunity for parents to hear more about the life and work of the school. There is also a meeting focusing on early days at school in the term prior to admission. School visits by the children and home visits by the teaching staff are arranged, and there are opportunities for parents to ask questions about any aspect of school.

Foundation Stage Staff visit all the local pre-school groups regularly and liaise with pre-school colleagues closely. By the time children start school their new environment is familiar to them and they settle down happily.

For further information see the School Admissions webpage for Central Bedfordshire -

Click here to download the Central Bedfordshire Admissions 2022 Booklet.

Please visit our School Info Page (Policies:School Policies) to view future and in-year Admissions arrangements.

ADMISSIONS POLICY Autumn 2023-2024.pdf