Class Organisation

Organisation is designed to meet the particular needs of the school and can vary from year to year. Classes are arranged according to age. Some flexibility has to be allowed depending on certain factors, i.e. the number of children in any one age group, the number of children admitted and provision of staffing. There are two parallel classes in each of the year groups - Foundation, Year 1 classes, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4.

Within each class use is made of individual, group and class teaching methods so that all children may progress according to their abilities. At the same time every opportunity is given for each child to feel he/she has a contribution to make to the life of the class.

Foundation Stage

Ruby Class - Miss Hunt

Garnet Class - Mrs Pattullo and Mrs Clements

Key Stage 1

Diamond Class - Mrs Easton and Mrs Mythen

Amethyst Class - Mrs Martin

Emerald Class - Mrs Welch

Coral Class - Miss Batchelor

Key Stage 2

Crystal Class - Mrs Smoley

Jet Class - Miss Attenborough

Opal Class - Mrs Elliott

Moonstone Class - Mr Rowland