Year 2

Due to the school closures, we will be posting activities, links and work for your child to complete at home.

In order to not overload you, we will be posting a few things each week.

Weekly updates will be on a Friday.

The BBC are also organising daily 'lessons' for each year group in Maths, English and Topic subjects.

They are available in iPlayer and via the red button.

Please click here to visit the website.

Hopefully these too will be really useful!

Please remember to keep on reading!
Summer Reading Challenge Newsletter

Week 1Activity Sheet 
Week 2Activity Sheet 
Week 3Activity Sheet 
Week 4Activity Sheet      Rainforests Science Pack    Make a Viking Longboat
Week 5Activity Sheet         Dramatic Earth Science Pack 
Week 6Activity Sheet       Energy & Power Science Pack 
Week 7Activity Sheet       Food Chains and Food Miles Science Pack 
Week 8Activity Sheet        Rocks and Minerals Science Pack      Spellings      Greater than and Less than
Week 9Activity Sheet           Mapping Science Pack      Fractions        Spellings
Week 10Activity Sheet        Gardening for Nature Science Pack     Kenya     
Space Tally and Bar Charts        Spellings
Week 11Activity Sheet       All About Weather Science Pack      Spellings
Number and Place Value
Week 12Activity Sheet        Soil Science Pack      Spellings        African Animals     Wolves Fact Sheet
Week 13Activity Sheet         Recycling Science Pack         My Day Your Day
Week 14 Activity Sheet       Birds Science Pack
 Summer Activity Summer Learning

Additional Activities: