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In addition to the Head, St. Mary's has 47 teaching and support staff, who manage all aspects of the children's daily welfare.

Head Teacher   Miss S Bishop  

Assistant Heads   Mrs K Pattullo
Mrs M Elliott
Miss E Attenborough
Miss M Batchelor
Mrs R Boyle
Mrs M Easton
Miss H Hunt

Mrs G Martin
Mrs C Mythen
Mr S Rowland
Mrs N Smoley
Mrs J Welch
Nursery Nurse   Mrs J Clements    
Higher Level Teaching
  Mrs S Chapman    Mrs S May
Teaching Assistants  
Mrs R Campbell
Mrs J Foster
Miss J Houghton
Mrs K Moore
Mrs A Morrow

Mrs A Comley
Miss J Pickett
Miss D Spencer
Mrs W Speller

Mrs H Slater
Mrs N Walker
Mrs A Warren
Mrs J Wilson

Mrs S Thomas
Mrs R Toland
Mrs R White
School Manager   Mrs D Flanagan    
Office Co-ordinator
Finance Co-ordinator 
  Mrs K Etere
Mrs R Campbell
Office Assistants  
Mrs K Calver                       
Ms N Saunders
Peripatetic Violin Teacher   Miss K Tir    
Midday Supervisory Assistants 
Mrs A Allen
Mrs E Bates
Miss H Cowlishaw
Mrs S Conway
Mrs M Faul
Mrs J Foster
Mrs K Moore
Mrs A Morrow
Mrs A Warren
Mrs R White
SMASH Club Staff 
Mrs S Conway
Mrs S Garratt 
Mrs L Kenny
Mr J Lawrence
Mrs C Mythen
Mrs J Robinson
Mrs A Warren
Miss J Houghton
Site Agent   Mr R Conway    
Miss A Kemp
 Miss J Houghton

Kitchen Manager   Mrs J Houghton    
Kitchen Assistant   Mrs A Deane
Mrs L Edwards

Mrs D Speed
Miss A Lane