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School Development Plan 2018-2019

School Action Plan 2018/19

Areas for Development

The Action Plan was written for September 2018 and focuses on the areas of development identified at the end of the previous academic year. The Action plan will be reviewed and updated termly.

Leadership & Management

  • Gain the Primary Science Quality Mark
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR
  • Review safeguarding policy and practice
  • Develop effective monitoring of core and foundation subjects

The Quality of Teaching, Learning & Assessment

  • Improve attainment in writing across the school, closing the gender gap by refreshing Big Write / handwriting
  • Develop computing through the use of i-pads
  • Review marking & feedback policy & practice

Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

  • Develop opportunities for spontaneous prayer & reflection
  • Explore multicultural aspects of learning to improve understanding of faiths across national and global communities
  • Increase overall attendance to 96%, ensuring attendance of Pupil Premium pupils is in line with non PP pupils

Outcomes for Pupils

  • To maintain the high end of year outcomes.
  • Increase percentages of children attaining GLD at the end of Foundation Stage
  • Increase Yr 1 % at ARE in reading, writing & maths from end of Foundation Stage.
  • Increase attainment and progress for low ability, Pupil Premium & summer born groups, closing the gap through the year.
Cross Phase Project
  • Raise KS2 accountability across all settings
  • Share a common language & provision for KS2 pupils
  • Have a shared focus on KS2 learning & pedagogy in all settings