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PE & Sports Premium Grant

Sports Premium at St Mary’s Church of England Academy

Every Primary school in the country has been provided with additional funding to improve the provision of Physical Education and sport. At St Mary’s we are proud of the choices we have made and endeavour to build upon the provision of PE and sport in our school, we will continue to ensure our funding will significantly impact on the long term quality and enjoyment of Physical Education.


 ·        We aim to enhance the participation and enjoyment of Physical Education and Sport at St Mary’s.

·        Decisions on spending have a direct impact on the quality and variety of Physical Education received by our children.

·        We recognise that any investment in specialist teaching of our children must be done in conjunction with Academy staff to enhance the long-term impact of Physical Education at St Mary’s.

·        To analyse and identify priority areas for Physical Education and allocate Sports Premium funding accordingly.

Our Sports Premium Grant Allocation for 2017/18 was £18,240, please find below information on the Academy’s chosen use. 

Sports Premium Grant Funding Forecast Allocation – 2017/18


Chosen Use


Intended Impact



Specialist PE Coach for Teaching of children 

Premier Sport has been employed to deliver high quality lessons in all PE lessons, this will continue in 2017/18. This provision ensures outstanding teaching for our children and the opportunity for our Teacher’s to observe, participate and learn from the delivery of these sessions. Premier Sport also offers KS1 lunchtime and KS2 after school football clubs and before school Gymnastics       

Outstanding Physical Education for children in KS1 & KS2, taught by specialist coaches.


Regular observations by teaching staff of a variety of sports, this enhances the teaching and assessment of Physical Education throughout the Academy.    

Children have made good progress across a range of physical activities and sports as evidenced in the Premier Sports Assessment.


Staff have a greater knowledge of Physical Education and are able to deliver high quality lessons.


There has been a good uptake of lunchtime and after school football clubs and after school gymnastics across KS1&2


Autumn term  £2850



Spring Term     £2400


Summer Term £2730




   TOTAL            £7980

Redborne School Partnership Membership

Redborne School Partnership host many tournaments throughout the year for both KS1 and KS2 children. As part of our membership, we are able to introduce our children to the competitive side of sport that competition brings. Sports Leaders training is offered to a number of our year 4 children to encourage their leadership skills and improve confidence. Young Leaders from our feeder Middle school are also used in the education of our children both at our Academy and their Middle school.

CPD is provided for our staff on different aspects of Physical Education.  


Free coaching sessions are offered in a number of sports, e.g. dance, tennis.



We are able to offer our children the opportunity to partake in competitive and well organised physical activities.


Training provided by the Partnership, for both Staff and children, has a direct impact on the quality, enjoyment and performance of our children.


Etonbury Young Leaders will build upon the positive relationships and inspire the younger children.


Further advance our already extensive extra - curricular opportunities, enabling more children to experience different sports.

We have entered many teams this year in all the festivals Redborne School Partnership organise. Over 150 children from both Key Stages have taken part. This year we also entered the gymnastics competition for the first time in which 12 children across KS1&2 participated.



Improved confidence and leadership skills gained by our Sport Leaders, help organise athletics club and lunchtime activities.

Membership - £2000




Purchase New Equipment

To increase opportunities for learning new games skills and developing motor control in all age groups

Children participate in a range of active games during PE lessons A wide range of equipment is available for staff to use when planning and delivering PE lessons.

No new equipment was purchased as current equipment was in good condition and sufficient. Money can be used for improved field provision next year.

To be reviewed 2018/19

After School Clubs


Our staff and a former parent, along with family volunteers, run after school clubs for both Key stages over the course of the year - including netball, athletics, basketball and cricket.


Letchworth Tennis Club run a before school Tennis Club for KS2 (Not funded by Sports Premium)


Karate Club offered to Year 1-4 after school (Not funded by Sports Premium)


Premier Sport offer Football Club to KS1 & 2, Gymnastics to KS1 and Dance to KS1 & 2. (Not funded by Sports Premium)

This enriches the sports available in our Academy.

All children can experience Physical Education where the emphasis is on enjoyment and team work. This encourages children to choose to participate in sport outside of school.   

Sports clubs have been offered and well attended by children in KS1&2. This has allowed children to increase their physical activity outside of school hours.



Netball        £180.00


Funded by parents


NB: These clubs are offered to PP Children and funded from PP Budget.

Sports Team Kits

To increase opportunities for group participation in competitive sport

Children participate in a range of competitive sports Children are proud to represent their school

Leotards were purchased for the gymnastic team to represent the school at the Redborne Festival competition.  All the competitors were excited and proud to wear them.


Break Time Club

Sports Leaders training is offered to a number of our year 4 children to encourage their leadership skills and improve confidence. They are then able to use their knowledge to encourage sport participation of younger pupils during playtimes.

Sport’s Ambassadors assist our staff in clubs during and after school, helping to sort equipment and run activities.

The school ambassadors have enjoyed engaging and organising structured playtime activities. This has helped to improve their confidence and leadership skills. The children involved in the activities have increased their physical activity during these sessions.


Playtime Equipment

To increase the physical activity opportunities for children at break and lunchtimes.

Children participate in a range of active games at break and lunchtimes MSAs observe an increase in the number of children playing active games

To be reviewed in Autumn 2018, once field improvements are completed.

To be reviewed 2018/19

Clubs Subsidy

To give the opportunity for children to participate in a range of active clubs, subsidised by the school, so that clubs remain very good value for parents.

Children have had the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular clubs with two external providers, subsidised by the school.

On a need basis.


Introduction to Performing Arts 




Staff CPD

To improve staff subject knowledge in teaching PE.

Staff have increased subject knowledge and confidence in teaching PE. (staff feedback survey to be carried out in July 2018) Pupil Voice shows that children enjoy PE lessons.

PE Co-ordinator has attended PE PSG and Network meetings.  Feedback given to SLT to feed into 2018-19 plan.









Underspend C/F 2018-19

£   7,801.41

Key achievements to date: 2017 - 2018

Areas for further improvement and baseline evidence of need:

·       Outstanding Physical Education for children in Years 1-4 taught by specialist coaching.

·       Pupil attainment increased  from last year, with 65% of pupils making expected progress and 32% exceeding.

·       Regular participation inter-school competitions and sports festivals for KS1&KS2 children.

·       Sport leader training for Year 4 children to improve confidence and leadership skills.

·       A range of after school and lunchtime sports clubs run by sports partners in addition to PE and sport that the school offers.

·       CPD for staff in music and movement/dance – survey to establish learning needs.

 ·       Development of playground/field to create more space for sports and active learning.

 ·       Increase the number of pupils attending extra – curricular activities.

Our Sports Premium Grant Allocation for 2018/19 is £18,570.00, please find below how we intend to spend this.

Academic Year: 2018/19

Total fund allocated: £18,570

Date Updated: September 2018


Key indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that primary school children undertake at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day in school

Percentage of total allocation:

43 %

School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocated:

Evidence and impact:

Sustainability and suggested next steps:

·    Specialist PE Coach for teaching  children.

-     Employment of Premier Sports to deliver high quality lessons in all Key Stages.

-    Opportunity for teachers to observe, participate and learn from the delivery of these sessions.




Key indicator 2: The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

Percentage of total allocation:

42 %

School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocated:

Evidence and impact:

Sustainability and suggested next steps:

·    Playground development to increase the size of play space to enable all the school to engage in physical activity at playtime.


·    Gain Silver Level School Games Mark to further raise the profile of PE and sport within the school.


-     Carry out extension plans.




-     Termly sports award to celebrate sportsmanship in individual children.

-     Develop and run Intra school competitions.

-     Develop system to track young people’s participation in physical activity and target vulnerable groups.

-     Regularly update the school games notice board and newsletter to celebrate participation in sport and competitions.

       Budget year

 £7800 17/18 

 £7800 18/19

 £8000 19/20