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School Meals

Dinners are cooked on the premises.  We have implemented Pupil Choice for
school meals and the price is currently £2.20 per day, ie £11.00 per week.
This sum should be sent to school on a Monday morning in a clearly marked envelope and placed in the post-box in the school foyer, or alternatively can be paid half-termly or termly. Parents and children will have the opportunity to choose the main course from the menu, which has a three week rotation, half-termly in advance. Children can have a meal every day or just on the occasional day. Children who do not return a form will only be able to choose from the meals available at the time. The dinners are popular and a large percentage of children take them regularly.
In the interest of providing quality meals with as little waste as possible, please read the following guidelines for selecting school meals. 

·         Please inform us of any changes before 10am on the day to ensure your child receives their first choice of meal.

·         If your child brings a packed lunch on a day they are due to have a school meal, please inform the office before 10am or
            you may still be charged for the meal as preparation will already have begun.

·         If your child has Free School Meals but would like to bring a packed lunch occasionally, please ensure you inform the office
            before 10.00am on the day to avoid a meal being prepared.    


This does not apply when activities require your child to bring a packed lunch, for instance, a school trip or sports event.

Please see the attachments below for the relevant term menus.

If for any reason your child does not enjoy their choice of meal we will send the following slip home with them for an alternative choice to be selected.

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31 Jul 2019, 13:01
Keeley Etere,
1 Apr 2019, 11:20